The linen obsession

I have been obsessed with digitally printing on different substrates since I started printing years ago...I would (against the advisement of Epson) turn my canvas over and print on the reverse, giving a very natural cotton look. It was the beginning of my other obsession...printing on linen. The process has taken years to really have a color corrected collection of fabric by the yard and pillows. In the beginning I dabbled, not knowing if this made any business an artist, fabric + pillows? With the John-Richard brand partnership we quickly turned the dabbling into product, offering the first upholstered pieces. We now had a process that made sense...I think one of the key pieces of advise that has helped me push forward with ideas that may or may not make sense sometimes is to follow your gut and recognize failure is a sign of forward is how you choose to reapply the valuable lessons you learn at the hand of failure. In a sense, failure is a gift, testing your abilities to evolve.