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Carol Benson-Cobb is an American abstract painter known for her large soothing abstracts and derivative textile designs. Benson-Cobb is a self-taught artist, developing her artwork and unique style since childhood. Her intricate layering methods give her artwork a sense of movement and depth. Although a native Texan, Benson-Cobb’s original work reflects her years of living in the high deserts of Arizona. Her ethereal paintings are a reflection of those organic surroundings.

Benson-Cobb has evolved her original art business by focusing specifically on the interior design industry. Unlike traditional artists, Benson-Cobb launched her own creative formula and signature gallery-quality art line in 2012. The exposure within the major home furnishings markets built her client list to include custom collections for national accounts as well as expanding the art into multiple categories. With brand partnerships and licensing opportunities, the artist’s abstract paintings and textile designs have been translated to furniture, hand-knotted rugs, wallcoverings, and accessories.